Monday, June 2, 2014

IGNOU CNM BMS001 June 2014 Exam Question Paper

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Here is the latest question paper of the IGNOU CNM BMS001 June 2014 Exam Question Paper.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

IGNOU MSW Concurrent Visit Writing Guide and Format

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I am a MSW qualified and now I am providing my services to the students of MSW and BSW. I can prepare your field work journal if you have no time to prepare. I will write and help you in making the MSW and BSW field work journal. I will tell you about how to write the concurrent visit report with the available format of MSW course. There are varieties of topics and titles we have to cover in the MSW Concurrent Visit.

So contact me if you have any queries for the IGNOU MSW Concurrent Visit Writing.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Jobs in MSW Field – MSW Jobs Information

Have you completed your MSW??
If yes, are you looking for a good job??
Yes, there are plenty of jobs available on the basis of MSW degree.
You can also start your career by joining any researcher as an assistant.
You can join any NGO for starting your career as a social worker and after gaining experience, you can try in big organization as a programme manager or project coordinator.
After gaining the experience of 8-10 years, you can apply for the executive director level post in the big development agencies.
Or you can also start your own NGO. For running a NGO, you need to have good financial support so it is very necessary to build network and links.
Also work on your communication skills for getting good reputation from your clients.