Sunday, January 25, 2015

IGNOU MSW Solved Assignments 2015 Session

Hello to all friends…
I am Harish Chandra and I have completed the MSW from IGNOU. MSW course is a professional course that guarantees a good job in the NGO and related development sector. The MSW course of IGNOU has very good content and with this course, you can collect compelte information about what is social work and how to do social work.
In the first year, there are six assignments you have to write. And in the second year, there are 3 compulsory papers along with 2 optional papers.
SO if you are looking for the solved assignments of the IGNOU MSW course of 2015 session, feel free to contact me. I am providing quality solved assignments of IGNOU MSW.
Here are my contact details
·         Harish Chandra
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Monday, November 17, 2014

Problems During The Field Work Training

I am sure that you are enjoying your field work training. Social work is a continuous learning work and you learn different things every day. I hope you are learning and enhancing your skills while doing the field work training.
There are numbers problems you may face during the field work. Some of them are
·       Communication problem
·       No support from the agency
·       Bad agency environment
·       Lack of knowledge
·       No support from the supervisor
·       Lack of interest
·       Data management issues
·       Reporting problems
Do not get afraid with these problems as all of them are very common problems and you can easily tackle by discussing with your college supervisor.

Take the social work training as a challenge and plan to learn a new skills daily.

For any kind of help, feel free to write

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Millennium Development Goals

There are total 8 Millennium Development Goals.
Many organizations are working for getting the targets of Millennium Development Goals.

Monday, September 22, 2014

How to write IGNOU MSW Field Work Journal

Hi guys…
Before I start, I am providing my introduction. I am a professional social worker having MSW degree and now I am helping the students online about how to make the journal and how to write the assignments.
I am getting numbers of emails and phones every day from the students and they are continuously asking about how to write the MSW journal as they are not getting any good support from their respective study center. I also faced this problem when I was doing the MSW from IGNOU.
As I was engaged in the home based job so doing the field work was not difficult for me. I enrolled in the Bal Sahyog NGO in Delhi first year and Salaam Baalak Trust in the second year. The agency supervisor of both of the centers was very helpful and they taught me basics of field work and social work.
On the basis of my experience with the NGO work nature, I prepare my reports on the journal. It is good to show some of the samples to your college supervisor before making it on the final journal.
The most important part of the concurrent visit is
·        Objectives of the day
·        Your observation
·        Analysis.
Students, if you are facing problem in writing the journal, feel free to contact me.

The best way of starting the field work

Saturday, September 6, 2014

IGNOU MSW 2014 – 2015 Latest Assignments Download

In the first year, there are total 6 theory papers in the IGNOU MSW course. You need to submit the assignments of IGNOU MSW 2014 – 2015 if you want to appear in the theory exam. Here is the list of the papers.
MSW-001 : Origin and Development of Social Work – This paper contains information about the evolution and history of social work. You will get the facts about how social work started.
MSW-002 : Professional Social Work: Indian Perspectives – In this paper, you will find information about social work in India.
MSW-003 : Basic Social Science Concepts – This course paper is useful to get the information about the social science concepts and various tools of social science.
MSW-004 : Social Work and Social Development – with this paper, you will learn the information about how social work and social development are related to each other.
MSW-005 : Social Work Practicum and Supervision – this paper is very interesting and contains all information about how we need to do field work. How the field work is important and ethics used in the field work.

MSW-006 : Social Work Research – if you want to make your career in research field, this paper will give detailed information about how to do social work research. You will learn various sampling methods and process of making the project proposals, thesis and documentation.