Wednesday, October 26, 2016

IGNOU PGDRD Project Report Research Work RDD05

IGNOU PGDRD is a very good course for the NGO professionals and who want to get information on the rural India. This course will help you in getting good job in the development field. With this course, you can also gain information on the latest schemes by the Indian Government for the rural people of India.

In the IGNOU PGDRDcourse, you have to submit a Project Report that is also called Research Work and its course code is RDD05.

First of all, you need to select a title and according to the title, you have to prepare the research synopsis for the project report. For the synopsis for the project report you have to add following points.

·         Title

·         Aims and objectives of the Research

·         Research Methodology

·         Review of the literature

·         Chapter Plan

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Sunday, April 17, 2016

Social Work UGC NET Exam Notes

HI guys…
After completing the MSW, you can go for the UGC NET Exam. If you want to make career in the field of research or teaching, UGC NET Exam is for you. After clearing this exam, you will be eligible for the assistant professor. And if you clear the JRF, you can get scholarship for research.
Here I am offering a link for the Social Work UGC NET Exam Notes

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

B.Sc Through Correspondence From IGNOU

Hello friends…

If you are planning to do graduation from science stream and looking for any good correspondence institute, then I will suggest you to join the IGNOU B.Sc program.

IGNOU B.Sc program is especially designed for the students who want to continue their study and want to complete the graduation.

If you have passed the +2 exam but not going for the regular college due to low marks or want to prepare for the engineering or medical entrance exam, then IGNOU B.Sc program is best for you.

IGNOU B.Sc program has practicals, theory, foundation courses and application orientated courses. All of these courses are important for gaining skills and knowledge.

There are total 96 credits in the IGNOU B.Sc program and you have to select 32 in each year.

You can also do Physics Major, Chemistry Major, Mathematics Major, Zoology or Botany Major.

After passing the IGNOU B.Sc program, you can enroll for the M.Sc or MCA program. You can also do other post graduation exams like MSW, MBA, MPA etc.

Remember, there are few universities offering the B.Sc Through Correspondence and IGNOU is one of them and best from all.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

IGNOU MSW Solved Assignments 2015 - 2016 Session

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I am Harish Chandra and I have completed the MSW from IGNOU. MSW course is a professional course that guarantees a good job in the NGO and related development sector. The MSW course of IGNOU has very good content and with this course, you can collect compelte information about what is social work and how to do social work.
In the first year, there are six assignments you have to write. And in the second year, there are 3 compulsory papers along with 2 optional papers.
SO if you are looking for the solved assignments of the IGNOU MSW course of 2015 session, feel free to contact me. I am providing quality solved assignments of IGNOU MSW.
Here are my contact details
·         Harish Chandra
·         Phone : 9716980784
·         Email :

Monday, November 17, 2014

Problems During The Field Work Training

I am sure that you are enjoying your field work training. Social work is a continuous learning work and you learn different things every day. I hope you are learning and enhancing your skills while doing the field work training.
There are numbers problems you may face during the field work. Some of them are
·       Communication problem
·       No support from the agency
·       Bad agency environment
·       Lack of knowledge
·       No support from the supervisor
·       Lack of interest
·       Data management issues
·       Reporting problems
Do not get afraid with these problems as all of them are very common problems and you can easily tackle by discussing with your college supervisor.

Take the social work training as a challenge and plan to learn a new skills daily.

For any kind of help, feel free to write